Speedy Trial Victory

This last week I had a hearing wherein my client was being prosecuted for alleged crimes from 2008. My client was never arrested or contacted by the government until three years later in 2011. I took the case over after he was arraigned by the public defender, and immediately spotted a speedy trial issue. The law frowns upon waiting so long to bring someone to trial, and all they did in the intervening 3 years was send a letter about the charges. When I demonstrated to the judge how my client had been living and working in San Diego for the last 3 years, not hiding from anyone, and was not aware of any charges having been filed against him, the judge agreed with my position and dismissed all 6 counts from 2008.

The moral of the story is to not be afraid to pursue any and every avenue of justice. You never know what excellent results are waiting right around the corner.

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